What is Health and Wellness Coaching?


Health and Wellness Coaching is a particular kind of conversation that supports a broad spectrum of wellness objectives, according to an individual’s unique values and internal motivations.  Below is a chart called the “Wheel of Life”, which shows some examples of topics that can be discussed with a Health and Wellness Coach.

During this conversation, you will be able to talk through your visions and interests as they relate to whatever aspect of life you’d like to discuss.  You will have a chance to point out your personal reasons for wanting something different in this area of life, as well as what hesitations or obstacles are in the way.
We will then join together on a path of discovery toward realization of your vision, uncovering strengths you may not have been aware of, and new perspectives and insights that were hidden until now.  This will happen over a series of sessions, each one likely culminating in an action step–however small–that can be tried out before the next session.

To take a free Wheel of Life assessment, click here.

As your Health and Wellness Coach, I will keep the focus on you and help to draw out the innate wisdom that exists within you.  While I may have knowledge or ideas that can help fill in certain gaps, you are the only true expert on your life.  My job as your Coach is to help the natural master in you to shine forth!

Coaching can take place in person or long distance–over the phone, or via video conferencing from anywhere you are.