began her work in 1997 as a certified massage therapist
and has continued her education in bodywork through the years,
eventually expanding into health and wellness coaching in 2020,
with the intention of promoting well-being
in a way that supports the inner truth of each individual.

This inner truth is centered at the core of one’s being, around which all aspects of life revolve, including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

When we live in harmony with our inner truth, our lives take on a balance, an ease,
a clarity. We move with a sense of competence, and take the ups and downs of life
as an adventure.

Bodywork facilitates this harmony by allowing individuals to relax into an environment free of judgment or expectation, where they can experience on a feeling level
greater comfort, safety, freedom and integrated sense of who they are.
Coaching similarly fosters and supports these qualities
as self-efficacy blossoms in one’s life.

“The hito is an homage to the beginnings of my education in the Eastern philosophy of healing, through my studies in Shiatsu.
The concept behind the hito resonated with me because I strongly believe that healing occurs when we have a sense of place in the interconnectedness of all things. There is no more obvious means of connection for a human being than through meaningful interaction with another.” ~MC